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Erotic massages – If you have never given your man a penis massage yet, it is time to make it up. Fasten your seatbelt, you are about to take him on the ride of his life!

Erotic massages – If you have never given your man a penis massage yet, it is time to make it up. Fasten your seatbelt, you are about to take him on the ride of his life!

Erotic massages are very passionate acts between two people and if they are in a romantic relationship it works even better. Learn how to give your man an erotic penis massage in this guide by following these 5 simple rules. Try to pick up a couple of tips to add a unique and sensual experience to your sex-life.

The art of penis massage should not be about bringing the man to orgasm but to let him relax and be the receiver of pleasure, hopefully achieving a higher level of feelings and way stronger orgasms. This act might strengthen the intimacy between your lover and you or help to build relationship between new partners.

Erotic massage of man´s penis – 5 tips how to make it right

Here are 5 tips for giving him an amazing penis massage:

1.    Set the scene first

Go for candlelight instead of bedside lamps. Set the mood with slow relaxing music to make the atmosphere exotic. This makes the first look on the room very excited, intimate, unique and erotic.

Which massage oil to choose? The best one for this kind of massage is transparent natural oil. Other massage oils (especially those hot) might feel very irritating to that sensitive area. If you still prefer to use some oil with additives or scent for back massage, have some towel and lubricant by hand for the main event.

2.    Soft, slow and smooth touch only

Close your partner’s eyes and lead him to lie down face-up. Now you spread the oil with your hands over his entire body. Always warm it with your hands before putting it in contact with his skin. As you are rubbing his body, set your intention to do is in the most caring and loving way. Make yourself believe you have never touched this person before so you slowly explore every part of his body with each rhythmic move.

erotic massage

These slow caresses will:

  • Slow his heart rate
  • Reduce any stress
  • Speed up the release of oxytocin (which makes him feels well-being)
  • Start building arousal

3.    Starting the massage

As foreplay you better start with normal (non-erotic) massage and then smoothly move to your partner´s private part. When it comes to massaging his penis, make sure your hands are oiled enough.

Advice for beginners, think of massaging his penis as if you were doing a slow motion hand job. Do everything you might do in a hand job but divide the techniques and go way slower.

Examples of possible techniques:

  • Fondle his balls or rub perineum while you gently stroke his shaft.
  • Try to concentrate on the head of his penis. Use one of your hands like a juicer while you gently stroke his shaft with the other hand.
  • Put your hands above head of his penis and very firmly move them down, mimicking the opening vagina. You will see his toes curl!

Being masseur does not means you cannot enjoy it too! While massaging your partner with one hand, the other one you can use to masturbate yourself. Check out these questions about masturbation if you want find out more about it.

4.    Men does not have to be hard to be aroused

You might find out that through the act of massage your partner will vary from hard to soft and everywhere in between. You have to know that this is completely normal. It has nothing to do with his enjoyment!

If he gets soft, simply keep on doing what you do (he gets hard in minute once more) or massage some other body part for a while and then come back to his crotch. If you give him a time he will get hard once more.

5.    Be prepared for his full-body orgasm experience

Some men report that they have a full-body orgasm, which makes feelings go through other body part too (not only penis). To increase the intensity of his upcoming orgasm, make him wait for it a way longer than he would need. Bring him close to the edge of orgasm and then just stop the whole stimulation. Rub his other body parts for a while until he gets out of the edge. And then tease him and bring him to the edge once more and then over and over again. Later when he gets to orgasm it will be way stronger then usually.

Simply said:

  • Bring him close to the orgasm
  • Do not let him reach it
  • Wait for a while
  • And repeat

Bonus tip: You can also add some sex toys to enhance the massage even more. Try to read this article for more inspiration about sex toys.

Do this sensual penis massage and you will not regret it. Your partner will reward you with passion and love. Mainly do not rush, make slow moves, use oil and enjoy it too!

If you want to ask about something or anything was not clear, do not hesitate and write a comment below.

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Sexting and More: Long-Distance Sex Tips

Sexting and More: Long-Distance Sex Tips

It used to be that sexual counseling for men was basically like a goal to cover the penis with time while waiting for the vagina. Now, with advances in technology (sexting, video telephones, etc.), two people no longer have to be in the same room to have sex with partners. However, this does not mean that everything has changed; Long-distance sex does not mean that the care of a penis is not important, and that does not mean that men have nothing to do, as it participates in pleasurable activities that occur in two rooms, states or even different countries.

Words can speak louder than actions.

When a person engages in sexual activity with another person who is not in the same physical location, their words may have more influence and importance than ever. This is especially true for textual sexual communication, such as sexting or email without a visual component; the person trusts in their way of speaking so that their partner gets warm and worries, and keeps the partner in this way until both have reached the release.

Make a race in the dry.

Remember that when you use video chat or other visual media, you can look a little different in the camera than in real life. In a big-budget Hollywood movie, seasoned professionals provide coverage that is extremely flattering, and operators know exactly which corners to use to represent a person in the most beneficial way. When using a webcam in a room completely lit with fluorescent lamps, the effect will not be the same.


If possible, a man should plan a “dress rehearsal”: he should shoot himself with the expected actions, and then play it to see what it looks like. Using this as a guide, you can decide where you should sit, stand or lie down, in what position, etc., and also if you need to find a way to adjust the lighting.

Prepare for the foreground.

The boy should also remember that the camera can make or break his instrument, clearly, that is. Each boy wants to play a monster. The shot with the camera, looking towards the vertical penis, seems more impressive. And vice versa: shooting on the body reduces its impact.

Management problems

The Internet is full of photos and videos of men involved in sexual acts, which were supposed to remain closed. It is very important for a person to remember this before participating in virtual visual sex. You should ask yourself: “How will I feel if somehow it’s on YouTube?” If you have any concerns, it is best to leave this activity.

Secret and Confidential Buying Of Sexual Products

Secret and Confidential Buying Of Sexual Products

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